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Yohji Yamamoto

Japanese fashion designer. Born 1943.

I talk about the market power of fashion. People’s sensibility is broken because they feel comfortable to look all the same. It is hard to question the status quo or to have doubts, but if you do, you must fight. Fighting is tiring, because the market exerts a smart and strong power. I walk around Tokyo districts like Harajuku, Daikanyama or Aoyama and young people look all the same. Professional people do everything for them – from top to toe –  face, hair, fingers, shoes  – too professional! And then the girls look all alike.

The reality is, magazines are in the pockets of the marketing industry. There is no space left for beautiful outfits. Not on a single page. Young people have no chance to discover strong messages with beautiful, subtle emotions. They all look like a big tourist group walking together. The only thing we can do is to continue what we do, believe in ourselves, no matter what. We cannot just walk around in the hope to find something new because we see the supposed “new” on someone else. Kids grow up with their minds polluted with too much information and then they cannot see what a masterpiece is and what not. Naturally, young people are tired. They have too much in their head. The tragedy is, when they realize, there is no way to become somebody else.

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