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The Fuji Stool

Designed by renowned architect and historian Terunobu Fujimori specifically for Roland Hagenberg's Storkhouse, each Fuji Stool is handmade and unique in its footprint and imperfections. Locally available materials are used, with Austrian oak used in the original Storkhouse furniture in Raiding, and chestnut and zelkova for the First Edition in Japan. Our approach to the stool has changed over time, as it began as a functional piece of furniture in the Storkhouse and slowly became a living thing, both plant and animal at once. 

As the only piece of furniture designed by Fujimori made available outside of one of his architecture projects, we’ve limited the number of pieces to 99 for the First Edition.

The Storkhouse

"Storkhouse" was originally designed by architect and architectural historian Terunobu Fujimori for Roland Hagenberg’s Raiding Project at the birthplace of composer Franz Liszt in Austria.


The guesthouse was inspired by storks that travel every year from Africa to nest in Raiding. Fujimori also designed the interior of Storkhouse of which “Fuji Stool” is part of. It is now available in Japan in a signed, limited edition reproduced by hand and by a craftsman using locally harvested wood.


While it is a piece of furniture for daily use, it is also a valuable sculptural object bearing signature design features of one of Japan’s most celebrated architects. 

Fuji Stool Exhibition
at Nadoya Yoyogi-Uehara

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